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Nestled at the southern tip of Silicon Valley, Morgan Hill is a charming and vibrant community renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, diverse landscapes, rich history, and warm, welcoming atmosphere. Morgan Hill offers an exceptional experience for residents and visitors alike.

Scenic Splendor 

With a backdrop of rolling hills, vineyards, and abundant open spaces, this City is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Explore hiking trails, enjoy a scenic bike ride, or take a leisurely stroll through our picturesque parks. The nearby Henry W. Coe State Park is a haven for backpackers and nature lovers, offering a truly immersive wilderness experience.

Sports Tourism 

Morgan Hill stands out as a premier destination for sports enthusiasts, owing to its contemporary sports complexes and diverse lodging choices. The City’s outdoor sports facilities in Northern California are unparalleled. The 28-acre Outdoor Sports Center features ten well-maintained grass fields and two illuminated stadium turf fields. At the same time, the Aquatics Center proudly offers an Olympic-size competition pool, two exhilarating water slides, and an instructional pool. This makes Morgan Hill an increasingly popular hub for a wide range of sporting events, from community games to professional tournaments and meets.

Thriving Wine Industry

As the gateway to the Santa Clara Valley wine region, Morgan Hill is a wine lover’s paradise. The City’s wineries and tasting rooms offer a chance to explore a burgeoning wine industry while enjoying beautiful vineyard views.


Morgan Hill is a fantastic place to raise a family. The community values education, with excellent schools and family-friendly activities. Your kids will love the various parks, sports programs, and community events that bring neighborhoods together.

Dining Delights 

Whether you’re craving farm-to-table cuisine, international flavors, or classic American fare, Morgan Hill’s dining scene has it all. Local restaurants and eateries offer a diverse range of culinary experiences, ensuring that every meal is delightful.

Festivals and Events 

Morgan Hill hosts a myriad of annual events and festivals that showcase its community spirit. From the Fourth of July Family Street Dance to Sidewalk Saturday’s Makers Market, there’s always something exciting happening in town.

Morgan Hill is a place where the past meets the future, where the traditions of the agricultural heartland harmonize with the innovation of Silicon Valley. It’s a city that celebrates its unique blend of characteristics and welcomes all who seek to be a part of this exceptional community.

A Brief History

Diana and Hiram Morgan Hill built their estate, the Villa Mira Monte, between the railroad and Monterey Road in 1886. When the first Southern Pacific station was built in 1898, the railroad referred to this area as Huntington. Many visitors would request the train stop at “Morgan Hill’s Ranch,” changing the name to Morgan Hill. By 1896, the growing community had a population of 250 with a post office, depot, two hotels, a restaurant, and several churches and shops. There was much controversy over the incorporation of the City. The Times printed many editorials supporting the issue, while those opposed were fearful of higher taxes. But the “yes” vote won by a margin of 65-36, and Morgan Hill became incorporated on November 10, 1906.

Interested in knowing more? The City provides additional history and recommends visiting the Morgan Hill Historical Society.

SB 272 Enterprise

SB 272 requires any local agency, excluding school districts, to create catalogs of all enterprise systems that store information about the public and to post this catalog on its website.