Maintenance Division

Street Maintenance

The Street Maintenance Division combines in-house and contract services to maintain and repair.

  • Roadways
  • Sidewalks, Curbs, and Gutters
  • Roadway shoulders and alleys
  • Arterial medians and parkways
  • Signs, Markings
  • Street sweeping
  • Catch basins and storm channels
  • Right of way tree trimming
  • Traffic signals
  • Street lights

Report a Problem
or Request a Service
If you would like to report a problem or request service, such as water leaks, questions concerning water meters, sidewalk repair, tree trimming, graffiti abatement, traffic signal issues, street light outage, illegal dump, storm flooding, backed up culvert, or park maintenance issues, please visit the SeeClickFix website or download the SeeClickFix app on your smart phone.

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Park Maintenance

The Park Maintenance Division is responsible for maintenance of City parks, the Civic Center and other City facilities. The division manages the contracts for maintenance of the Fox Hollow/Murphy Springs Landscape Assessment District and weed abatement on city properties and open space.

City Landscape Assessment District

The City Landscape Assessment District was formed in order to provide for the continued maintenance, operation, and administration of various improvements within the boundaries of the District. Each sub-area of the District often serves in place of a home owners association to maintain jointly used facilities or common areas within subdivisions.

For information about Landscape Assessment Districts and meetings, please contact Keri Russell or 408-776-7333.

Street Maintenance Backlog

The City prioritizes maintenance on Arterial and Collector streets that are more frequently used. The City continues to evaluate funding opportunities for increased maintenance resources. The following reports provide additional information on City Infrastructure Maintenance.