Proposition 64 and Cannabis Policies

Commercial Cannabis Activity is Illegal in Morgan Hill

Commercial cannabis activity is illegal in Morgan Hill. Commercial cannabis activity includes cultivation, possession, manufacture, distribution, processing, storing, laboratory testing, packaging, labeling, transportation, or sale of cannabis and cannabis products.

Morgan Hill Regulations

The City's current regulations can be found in the City of Morgan Hill Municipal Code.


California voters approved Proposition 64 – The Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) - November 8, 2016, allowing for the recreational possession, sale, and use of marijuana. Since that time, the City of Morgan Hill has spent a significant amount of time researching and consulting with industry experts about, the effects marijuana activities would have on the Morgan Hill community. 

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis refers to all parts and varieties of the cannabis plant. Cannabis is also commonly referred to as marijuana, pot, or weed. Commercial cannabis includes medical or non-medical/adult-use cannabis and associated products.

State of California Regulations

California voters legalized adult-use cannabis by approving Proposition 64 in November 2016. While personal adult-use cannabis activity became immediately legal upon the passage of Proposition 64, commercial cannabis activity requires a State license. On January 1, 2018, the Bureau of Cannabis Control began issuing temporary commercial cannabis licenses; however, local jurisdictions retain the ability to prohibit and regulate all commercial cannabis activity.