Recreational Vehicle Parking

What is the Definition of a Recreational Vehicle?

Morgan Hill Municipal Code (MHMC) Section 18.80.020 defines a "Recreational Vehicle" (RV) in part as:  

  • Built on a single chassis;
  • Four hundred square feet or less when measured at the largest horizontal projection; 
  • Designed to be self-propelled or permanently towable by a light duty truck; and 
  • Designed primarily not for use as a permanent dwelling, but as temporary living quarters for recreational, camping, travel, or seasonal use.

Can I Live in My RV While it is Parked on a Public Street?

No. MHMC Section 8.08.050  states that all trailers, when occupied or used for living or sleeping purposes, shall be kept within approved mobile home parks or trailer parks; provided, however, that a trailer may be so used or occupied for a period not exceeding forty-eight hours upon obtaining the prior consent of the Chief of Police or of his deputy. This period may be extended for three additional weeks or any fraction thereof only upon the prior consent of the city council. 

For example, should a relative traveling in their RV desire to visit you, you may obtain the consent of the Chief of Police or his deputy for their visit, allowing them to park on the street in front of your home and "occupy" the trailer/RV during their visit.

What is an Oversized Vehicle? 

MHMC Section 10.40.210 states that an over-sized vehicle is any vehicle, or combination of vehicles, that exceeds twenty-two feet in length or seven feet in height.

Is My RV Considered a Trailer? 

MHMC Section 8.08.030 defines a trailer as a camp-car, trailer, trailer coach, or other vehicle with or without motor power, constructed to travel on public thoroughfares and designed, constructed, or used for human habitation. 

How Much Should I Expect to Pay if My RV is Cited? 

Often, RV’s are initially given a warning, to apprise the owner of the City’s code. Unless a different amount is specified by code, the amount of fine payable to the city for an administrative citation, is a fine not exceeding one hundred ($100) dollars for a first violation, not exceeding two hundred ($200) dollars for a second violation of the same ordinance within one year and not exceeding five hundred ($500) dollars for each additional violation of the same ordinance within one year.

If you have been issued an administrative citation for a Municipal Code violation other than parking, you may pay the citation or request a hearing. Citations may be paid in person at City Hall or via mail.

What are the Tow Fees if My Vehicle is Towed? 

Check with the Morgan Hill Police Department for current guidance. Please note, there are multiple fees. The Vehicle Release Fee is paid to the Morgan Hill Police Department. The Initial Tow Fee and Daily Storage Fee are  paid to the tow company.

Is Overnight Camping Illegal in a City Park?

Per MHMC 12.20.060 Subsection (O) - Any overnight camping is prohibited, except under conditions provided for under Section 12.20.080.

MHMC 12.20.080 Subsection (G) - Requires prior approval/permit from the City of Morgan Hill, if you plan to conduct any activities that exceed the operational hours of a City park. Permits for camping in City parks are generally only issued in conjunction with short term "special events", not for individual use.