Cable Television Support

The City of Morgan Hill’s cable services are provided by Spectrum (Charter Communications). Spectrum is the only cable service provider in Morgan Hill.

Federal Communications Commission laws and regulations provide oversight of the cable industry. Local government regulation is limited to franchise compliance of local cable television. The city plays an important role in advocating for residents in the community.

Tips for Getting Good Service

  1. If you have questions, always contact Spectrum first, at 855-757-7328.
  2. Always get the name of the person who handles your call.
  3. Make sure you give the customer service representative the name of the person on your bill. This will help them figure out who you are.
  4. If your question is not satisfactorily resolved, please get in touch with the Cty by email or call 408-310-4169.

Cable Complaint Form
If you have a cable complaint that you have been unable to resolve by calling charter directly, you may fill out a Cable Complaint Form and return it to us. We will work with our local charter representative to help resolve your problem.

Morgan Hill Television Channel 17
Get the inside scoop on what’s going on in the City as it happens live! City Council and Commission meetings air on Channel 17.

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