Hillside Combining District

Some properties are located in the Hillside District, which comes with specific development standards and restrictions. Please refer to the Hillside Combining District Handout for information regarding properties located within the Hillside. You can determine what zoning district your property is located in by looking at the Zoning Map (PDF) After determining the zoning district, refer to Title 18- Zoning (HTML) of the Municipal Code for development standards such as setback requirements, height limitations, and lot coverage restrictions. To confirm if your property is in the Hillside, please contact the Planning Department by phone 408-778-6480 or email: Planning@morganhill.ca.gov

Hillside Specifications 

For properties with zoning designations of residential estate, residential-detached, or open space, one primary dwelling and one Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) or Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU) may be constructed on lots subject to the Hillside Combining District if the property complies with the Hillside Ordinance (HTML) development standards. There are separate standards for ADUs, JADUs, and accessory structures, such as arbors, detached garages, storage sheds, decks, etc. All developments proposed within Hillside properties must submit to the Planning Division for review prior to a Building Permit. For additional ancillary uses and structures that are permitted within your zoning designation, please refer to Title 18-Zoning or call the Planning Department.

This Hillside Combining District handout (pdf) can assist you with any questions you may have about your hillside property.