Water Division

The City supplies water to approximately 12,900 residential, commercial, and industrial customers. The Water Division ensures that water supply needs are continually met, and that water quality meets or exceeds all Federal/State health and environmental standards. The water system operates through a system of 17 groundwater wells, 9 pumping stations, 10 reservoir sites, 23 pressure zones, and 165 miles of distribution pipeline. 

The Water Division maintains and repairs all the equipment, machinery, facilities, and distribution pipeline that make up the City’s complex water system. This work includes planned maintenance, which is systematic servicing to ensure that all equipment and all systems are operating correctly so as to avoid any unscheduled breakdown and downtime.

Water Division technical staff performs design and long range planning. The Division also ensures that water quality standards comply with regulations of the State of California Department of Health Services, which regularly inspects the City’s water system.

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