Military Equipment Policies

Annual Military Equipment Use Report

The Morgan Hill Police Department recognizes the public's ongoing interest in how military equipment is used to protect our community and is committed to maintaining our community's trust in providing professional and responsive police services. As such, the Morgan Hill Police Department has authored the following comprehensive Annual Military Equipment Use Report (PDF) to remain transparent with our community and in accordance with annual reporting requirements set forth by applicable California Law. 

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Assembly Bill (AB) 481

On September 30, 2021, the Governor of the State of California approved Assembly Bill 481 requiring law enforcement agencies to obtain approval of the applicable governing body (Mayor and City Council) by adopting a military equipment use policy. The Department is required to seek City Council approval of their military equipment use procedure by ordinance, at a regular open meeting prior to taking certain actions relating to the funding, acquisition, or use of military equipment, as defined.

The bill allows the governing body to approve the funding, acquisition, or use of military equipment within its jurisdiction only if it determines that the military equipment meets specified standards. The ordinance is subject to an annual City Council review to determine whether, based on an annual military equipment report, the standards set forth in the approving ordinance have been met. The City Council may renew the authorizing ordinance, disapprove authorization for special military equipment where standards have not been met, or require modifications to the military equipment use procedure to address any non-compliance with the standards.

Finally, the bill requires the publication of the military equipment use procedure and the annual military equipment report on the Department's website at least 30 days before the City Council meeting.

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