Firearm Safety

Restraining Orders

Gun Violence Restraining Order (GVRO)

An order that allows law enforcement to take firearms and ammunition from persons who are danger to self/others. It requires the person to relinquish all firearms and/or ammo immediately. There are three types of GVRO’s:

  1. Temporary Emergency Order is for an immediate threat and is only issued by Law Enforcement.
  2. Temporary Ex-Parte is a formal application made in court by Law Enforcement or by Family / Housemates.
  3. Order after Notice/Hearing is a One Year order after a full hearing.

More gun violence restraining order information is available.

Firearm Laws

Municipal Codes regarding Fire Arms:

Fact sheets for California gun laws (PDF) and from the California Department of Justice’s Attorney General.

Gun Locks

Do you need gun locks? Free gun locks are available by emailing our Gun Lock program.

Surrender Firearms

Do you live within the City Limits of Morgan Hill and need to safely dispose of unwanted firearms or ammunition? Call 408-779-2101 to make an appointment with an officer.


  • Do NOT enter the police department with firearms or ammunition.
  • Have the firearm(s) unloaded and locked in a secure container in the trunk of your vehicle and separately from any ammunition.
  • Enter the police department lobby unarmed and tell the front desk that you would like to dispose of your firearm(s) and/or ammunition. An officer will retrieve the firearm(s) and/or ammunition from the trunk of your vehicle.
  • Use proper handling when transporting firearms or ammunition.

Project ChildSafe

Project ChildSafe is a program of the National Shooting Sports Foundation to promote firearms safety and education. The group is committed to promoting genuine firearms safety through the distribution of safety education messages and free firearm safety kits to communities across the U.S.