After a Fire recovery

Going through a fire can be a terrible and often devastating experience.  If the fire was severe or if someone was injured, then you are probably feeling overwhelmed at this point.  The feelings of shock, loss, grief and confusion that often accompany this crisis are completely normal, but can make the difficult process of recovery physically and mentally draining. It is important for you to realize and remember as you struggle to return to a normal life that you are not alone. 

It is unfortunately true that structure fires are not rare.  Every year thousands of Americans go through the same experience as you are at this moment.  Most of them have found, as we are sure you will find, that recovery is possible.  There is professional help available from both community agencies and private companies to assist you in restoring your home and belongings and help you start the process of returning your lives to normal.

Helpful Guides for After Fire Recovery

Immediately after a fire there are some important steps to take to help protect yourself and your property.  Completing this checklist will assist in making your recovery easier and faster.

  • Contact your local disaster relief service, such as the American Red Cross. They will help you find food, clothing, medicine and a place to stay.
  • If you have insurance, contact your insurance company. 
    • Ask what you should do to keep your home safe until it is repaired.
    • Ask who you should talk to about cleaning up your home. If you are not insured, try contacting community groups for aid and assistance. 
  • Check with the fire department to make sure that your home is safe to enter. Be very careful when you go inside. Floors and walls may not be as safe as they look. 
  • Contact your landlord or mortgage company to report the fire. 
  • Try to find valuable documents and records. 
  • If you leave your home, contact the Police Department to let them know the site will be vacant.
  • Begin saving receipts for any money that you spend related to the fire loss. The receipts may be needed later by the insurance company and to prove any losses claimed on your income tax. 
  • Check with an accountant or the IRS about special benefits for people recovering from fire loss.