Morgan Hill Stands United Against Hate

The United Against Hate (UAH) Week will be observed nationally from November 13-19, and the City of Morgan Hill is supporting this effort. The City’s Library, Culture and Arts Commission is leading the effort in partnership with other community organizations, including Congregation Emeth, who brought idea forward to the City. Since our City has already adopted several anti-hate resolutions in the past, the primary goal of this campaign is to bring this message to our Community!  

The City will be placing of Morgan Hill UAH posters within its facilities in the coming weeks and encourages business establishments, non-profit organizations, residents, and others to do the same legally within their own property. Community members can download a printable poster here using the link below. 

Morgan Hill Stands United Against Hate Poster (PDF)

A free, kick-off event will be held at the Morgan Hill Library on Sunday, November 13, from 2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. It will feature a short music &cultural event, including songs, dance, poetry, a short speech featuring the United Against Hate theme. There will also be coloring pages and crayons available for kids and grownups as a fun activity while everything is happening. The City encourages residents to join this event. 

Morgan Hill Stands United Against Hate Nov 2022 Logo