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Week of March 20th

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Road Closures and Major Project Updates: 

Hale Avenue Extension Project

The Hale Avenue Extension Project is a significant and long-planned transportation improvement for the City of Morgan Hill. Although the West Dunne Avenue roundabout is now open, traffic controls and one-lane traffic may occur intermittently as intersection improvements are completed. Dewitt Avenue between Buck Hill Court and Spring Avenue is now open. The section of roadway between West Dunne Avenue and Main Avenue is scheduled to open in late 2023 or early 2024 with the completion of the Valley Water Project in that area. Please respect all construction signage, as it is there for your safety, and the safety of the workers. Thank you for your patience and understanding. For additional information and updates about this project, please visit 

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Description automatically generatedThe City Council awarded the construction contract to DeSilva Gates Construction for $14.1M at the November 18, 2020 meeting. Construction is largely funded by VTA’s Measure B Program ($16.5M). The funding for the project was approved at the June 17, 2020, City Council Meeting. City Council certified the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) and adopted the Hale Avenue Plan Line on August 23, 2017. The project is being constructed in two Phases. Please click on the following link to find more information.


Upper Llagas Creek Flood Protection Project – Phase 2A:


Del Monte Avenue Closure at West Dunne Avenue

In June 2021, the Santa Clara Valley Water District (Valley Water) began construction of Phase 2A of the Upper Llagas Creek Floor Protection Project. Phase 2A includes the construction of an underground tunnel under existing Nob Hill to carry high storm water flows. The project requires temporary closure of Del Monte Avenue at West Dunne Avenue to approximately 100 feet north of West Dunne Avenue from October 31, 2022 to March 31, 2023. Access to properties in this area during the closure period will be from Fifth Street via Monterey Road. 

Additional updates:

  • Phase 2A of the project is currently under construction in Morgan Hill. Heavy machinery is being used to tunnel under Nob Hill, located between West Main Avenue and West Dunne Avenue. Traffic control will shift traffic lanes in phases throughout the construction process to install a pair of twin box culverts along a portion of Hale Avenue near West Main Avenue and West Dunne Avenue along Del Monte Avenue to and along Ciolino Avenue.
  • Tunnel Work. The tunnel excavation work is now complete. The contractor has now started lining the tunnel. This work is expected to be completed in April 2023. Please drive carefully through the Hale and Main corridors. 
  • Ciolino Avenue from Monterey Road to Del Monte Avenue is now open to traffic, however, the pavement work is not complete. There may be intermittent traffic controls to complete the work. Utility relocations and the construction of a double box culvert will be installed under Ciolino Avenue. 
  1. Del Monte Avenue between Dunne and Ciolino will remain closed until March 31, 2023. The project requires temporary closure of Del Monte Avenue at West Dunne Avenue to approximately 100 feet north of West Dunne Avenue. Access to properties in this area during the closure period will be from Fifth Street via Monterey Road.
  2. Hale and Main Intersections: PG&E and other utility companies are undergrounding the overhead lines. Traffic controls and one-lane traffic may occur intermittently as PG&E performs their undergrounding work. Please expect delays at this intersection.
  3. Learn more about this project at

We appreciate your cooperation to get this critical work associated with this vital flood protection project completed in a timely manner and apologize for any inconveniences this work may temporarily cause. Upon completion of this entire project, more than 1,600 residences, schools, and businesses within the City of Morgan Hill will be protected from the 100-year flood event.  If you have any questions regarding this road closure, please contact Resident Engineer, Scott Hensler at (408) 722-0138 or e-mail


Depot/Church Realignment Project

The Depot/Church Realignment Project will realign Depot Street with Church Street through the Community and Cultural Center (CCC) Parking lot. This project is intended to improve traffic flow into and around the Downtown area. The project is being coordinated with a private residential project to be constructed on the former Hale Lumber site. Project work in the public right-of-way will continue through Spring 2023. 


Phase 2 expanded the construction zone to include the loading zone and walkways. Work includes the demolition of concrete walks, planters, curbs and gutters. Continuing utility work will require a temporary lane reduction on Dunne Avenue traveling eastbound and westbound between Butterfield and Monterey Road. Traffic controls will be in place where a lane reduction is required. Please drive safely through these project areas. Follow traffic control signage and detours and use alternate routes whenever possible.


During this project, the main entrance to the Community and Cultural Center parking lot, located at Dunne Avenue and Church Street will be closed. The entrance at Depot Street will also be closed. There will be a temporary loss of parking spaces during the project. Access to the parking lot at the Fifth Street entrance will remain open. Please remember to drive cautiously through construction areas and follow signage for detours. We recommend utilizing alternative routes as much as possible while the work is being completed. Updates will be available on the project website page at


Significant Utility Related Roadwork to Occur Throughout Morgan Hill

Several communications companies are currently working on upgrading and installing new communication cables and conduit throughout the city. This work includes cutting into the roadway and placing or repairing cables and conduit. It also includes placing fiber optic cable on existing poles or installing new underground facilities into the roadway and/or onto sidewalk areas. 


Construction crews for Frontier are performing fiber optic internet installation in the Spring Hill neighborhood in the vicinity of Spring Avenue and Spring Hill Drive. Additional crews are performing sidewalk and pavement restoration in the vicinity of La Crosse Drive and La Mirada Court, La Porte Court and La Prenda Court, Watsonville Road and Via Corfino, La Rocca Court and Drive, and Diana Avenue and Grand Prix Way. Although restoration work is substantially complete in those areas, work will continue on an on-going basis as new fiber optic internet conduit and equipment is installed. Crews will be confined to the parking areas of these roadways; however, they may be required to briefly stop traffic for repositioning. Please be mindful of 72-hour no parking notices and sidewalk closures associated with these locations.


Work is occurring in multiple areas and may include road closures or lane reductions. You may also see paint markings or small flags of varying color for utilities in your area. These markings are to indicate the locations of other utility lines in the area, and to ensure that damage and outages do not occur as a result of the work the telecommunications company is doing to update or install their cables. This work should not impact your utility service. Utility companies should be using chalk paint so the markings will remain only temporarily.


One of the largest companies doing work throughout the city is Frontier Communications who is using the subcontractor Golden State Utility Company for the installation. Golden State Utility Company will be placing door hangers in neighborhoods prior to the start of work. Golden State Utility Company may be required to place new underground facilities and equipment in some neighborhoods. In those cases, there will be three phases of installation: 1. Marking and exposing of existing utilities, 2. Installation of conduit, utility boxes and Fiber Optic lines and 3. Restoration of concrete sidewalk and asphalt roadway. Temporary trench backfill and temporary trench coverings may be used for a period of time prior to restoration.  


For information on the Frontier project and service availability, residents can contact Frontier directly at 877-436-0325 (residential), 877-414-1311 (business), or visit for more information.


Please remember to drive cautiously through construction areas and follow signage for detours. Whenever possible, try to utilize alternate routes while the work is being completed. 


If you have questions or see anything that looks unsafe, please contact the City of Morgan Hill at For immediate safety issues call 911.


Temporary Closure of Sections of Mission View Drive and Eagle View Drive

The City has elected to temporarily close sections of Mission View Drive and Eagle View Drive to aid in the prevention and enforcement of unsafe use of the streets in this area. Roadway closures began in February 2021. For additional information visit: 


Edes Art Gallery at Second Street and Monterey Road

The Edes Art Gallery on 2nd Street and Monterey Road in downtown has received building permits and is beginning construction. This is a 2-story, 6,600 SF building for a fine art gallery.  Completion is expected in 2024.


Roadwork Updates: 

Construction work on Condit Road near Chrysler Dealership

Pavement striping, sidewalk installation and streetlight installation will take place in the coming months. Please remember to drive cautiously through construction areas. Whenever possible, please utilize alternate routes while the work is being completed. 


Downtown Public Spaces

The City of Morgan Hill is working with local businesses in the Downtown to allow business uses, such as restaurants, to expand onto sidewalks, parking spaces and other public spaces. There may be limited traffic control devices and construction work occurring on Monterey Road and adjacent side streets in the Downtown. For information contact Chris Ghione at


Monterey Sewer Trunk Line to Gilroy Project

This project proposes to construct a new parallel sewer trunk line from the Harding/Highland intersection to Renz Road in Gilroy. Design plans have been reviewed by the stakeholders. The City presented the sewer alignment to the City of Gilroy on Monday, April 29, 2019, and the alignment was approved. The design is 95% completed with final design expected to be complete in Winter 2022. Construction of the parallel sewer trunk is currently not funded.

Additional Information Available.


Parks and Trails Updates:


Galvan Park Restroom Replacement Project

The existing restroom will be replaced with a new prefabricated restroom. Temporary fencing was installed on Friday, February 3rd, and a portable restroom will be provided during construction. The Galvan Park restroom will be closed through April 2023.


Community Park Dog Park Closed During and After Periods of Heavy Rainfall

The entire Dog Park may be closed during and after periods of heavy rainfall. The park will reopen once the ground dries out, and it is safe to reopen. Please contact Keri Russell, Maintenance Manager, for any questions or concerns at 


Madrone Channel Trail Project 
 Phase 1 improvements to the Madrone Channel Trail have been completed. This is the first of a two-phase project to provide a paved trail along Valley Water’s Madrone Water Channel. This trail runs along the east side of Highway 101 for approximately 2.9 miles. The first phase is approximately 1.1 miles and includes a 6-foot-wide paved trail between Cochrane Avenue and Main Avenue. Learn more about this project at This project is made possible by Valley Water through the Safe, Clean Water and Natural Flood Protection Program, MTC Transportation Development Act (TDA) grant and the VTA Transportation Fund for Clean Air (TFCA) grant.

West Little Llagas Creek Trail Extension to Silveira Lake Closed

In collaboration with Valley Water and Graniterock Construction, an approximately two-mile paved trail has been installed along the maintenance road at West Little Llagas Creek from Monterey Road to Middle Avenue and Watsonville Road. The trail portion of the project is substantially complete. The trail will be closed to use until all work is completed and the crossings at Middle Avenue and Watsonville Road are completed. Currently those are scheduled for early 2023.


Maintenance Activities: 


Continued storm clean-up and patrol.