Engineering Land Development

Engineering Land Development provides development review / inspection services. It oversees all construction activities that pertain to the infrastructure constructed by developers within the city.

To offset the financial impact of new development or a new business on public infrastructure, new projects may be subject to impact fees. Impact fees are calculated and due at building permit issuance. The Morgan Hill Business Portal offers a free Development Impact Fee Estimate calculation.

Alternatively, the City of Morgan Hill's Engineering Land Development Division can create an estimate for your project for a $349 fee. Fees are updated twice yearly. Final impact fees may vary from the estimate. For more information, contact Engineering Land Development at 408-778-6480.

This division checks, approves, and keeps for the public record all improvement plans prepared by developers for their projects. It reviews all private land development activities for conformance with city standards, and checks and approves all maps in compliance with the Subdivision Map Act.

The following services are also provided by the Land Development Engineering group

  • Floodplain Management
  • Flood Mapping Information