Planning Commission

The Planning Commission approves various permits and serves as an advisory body to the City Council on matters related to city growth and development, and on such other matters as may be requested by the council. The commission is a 7 member body and each commissioner serves a term of 4 years.

Meeting Format

Planning Commission meetings are both in-person and virtual until further notice. The meetings will be live-streamed on Channel 17, the City’s website, and the City’s Facebook page. 

Join the virtual meeting: or call 669-900-9128 and enter webinar id: 862 0324 6251.

Attend in-person: 17555 Peak Avenue, City Council Chamber Building. The agenda and schedule are available 72 hours before the meeting.

Providing Public Comment

  • In-Person: Members of the public may address the Commission concerning any item within the subject matter jurisdiction. Public comments made in-person are limited to no more than three minutes; 
  • Virtual: Join the virtual meeting via the meeting link, when public comment is opened, raise your virtual hand and be called upon to speak for up to 3 minutes;
  • Virtual: Join the virtual meeting by calling in, dial *9 to raise your hand, and be called upon to speak for up to 3 minutes;
  • Attendees may email public comment to


  • Joseph Mueller -  Chairperson - Term Expires June 2027
  • Wayne Tanda - Vice Chairperson Term Expires June 2027
  • Liam Downey - Term Expires June 2027
  • Mohammad Habib - Term Expires June 2025
  • Paul Lake - Term Expires June 2027
  • James Wilson - Term Expires June 2025
  • Malisha Kumar  - Term Expires June 2025

Planning Commission E-mail

Planning Commission Resolutions

The Planning Commission Resolutions from 1979 through the current year are available in the City's Laserfiche Center.