Manzanita Park

Project Number

SD2020-0007, SR2020-0017, EA2020-0014


Approved - The project has acquired all permits required to start construction.

Project Information


The project proposal, Manzanita Park, also referred to as Monterey - Lucky-Shing, is a market-rate residential development project. The project is comprised of 67 condominium units on approximately 5.8 acres. The new development includes the integration of open space and amenities, a pedestrian network of paseos, sidewalks, and trails. 


The project site is bounded by Monterey Road and Tilton Avenue. The land use of the site is Mixed Use Flex (7-24 du/ac) and the zoning is Mixed Use Flex (MU-F). Assessor's Parcel Number 725-01-018.


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Planning Commission Approvals 

Project Plans and Specifications

Environmental Review and Documents

Based upon the conclusions set forth in the Initial Study, the CEQA Lead Agency finds that the proposed Project, which includes measures and mitigations designed to minimize environmental impacts, would not result in significant adverse effects on the environment. The CEQA Lead Agency has prepared this Notice of Intent to adopt the Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration pursuant to 14 CCR Section 15072.

Public Notices