Rosewood (Lillian Commons)-Residential

Project Number: SD2021-0005/SR2022-0002/VAR2022-0003
Project Description

This project is the residential portion of the Lilian Commons Medical Campus Mixed-Use Project (html), also referred to as “Rosewood”. The residential project is for the development of 120-units consisting of 34 single-family attached duet homes, 86 townhome-style condominiums, associated utility and infrastructure, and approximately 1.98-acres of park space. 

The proposal includes an amended Tentative Map, Vesting Tentative Map, Design Permit, and Minor Exception. The amending Tentative Parcel Map will amend the approved Tentative Parcel Map SD2019-0007. The proposed Vesting Tentative Map and Design Permit are for the development of a 120-unit residential project. The Minor Exception request is for a 3-foot 6-inch building height allowance for the townhomes of the project.


The properties, identified by Assessor Parcel Numbers 817-09-039 thru 041, are located on the southeast quadrant of Juan Hernandez Drive and Barrett Avenue.

Project Plans and Specifications

Planning Commission Hearing 

The Planning Commission held a Public Hearing on June 28, 2022, for the proposed project. The Planning Commission approved the proposals. 

Environmental Review

The City of Morgan Hill, as the Lead Agency, has prepared this Initial Study for the Lillian Commons/Morgan Hill Medical Campus Mixed-Use Development project in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the CEQA Guidelines (California Code of Regulations §15000 et. seq.) and the regulations and policies of the City Morgan Hill, California. To view this CEQA documentation, please visit the project's Environmental page below: