The Gates (Monterey-City Ventures)

Project Number: GPA2021-0005/ZA2021-0006/SD2021-0006/EA2021-0016

Project Description: 

Mixed-Use project consisting of five commercial flex units and 49 townhome-style condominiums on a 3.82-acre site. The project site would be accessed off southbound Monterey Road and also via the intersection of Monterey Road and Cochrane Road. The site will include internal private streets, walkways, and parking to provide access to residences and the proposed commercial spaces.

The proposal includes a General Plan Amendment from Commercial to Mixed Use Flex, a Zoning Amendment from Planned Unit Development and General Commercial to Mixed Use Flex, and a Tentative Parcel Map.

The Gates Site Plan Rendering


The property, identified by Assessor Parcel Numbers 764-10-013 and 764-10-015, are located on the southwest quadrant of Monterey Road and Cochrane Road.


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Project Plans and Specifications

City Council Hearing 

The City Council conducted a public hearing on February 15, 2023. The City Council voted in favor 4-1-0-0 to adopt the Mitigated Negative Declaration and Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program, approve the amendment to the General Plan land use designation with an amendment to add a Memorandum of Understanding be executed to ensure the project is developed as a mixed-use project, waive the first and second readings of the Zoning Amendment Ordinance, and introduce the Ordinance.

Planning Commission Hearing

The Planning Commission conducted a public hearing on December 13, 2022, on the proposed project and recommended City Council approve the project. 

The Planning Commission conducted a public hearing on the Preliminary Plan Review for the SR2021-0020 project proposal on January 11, 2022. No action was taken, as this is a preliminary review only. 

Environmental Review

An Initial Study and a Mitigated Negative Declaration were prepared for this project. More information can be viewed on the Monterey-City Ventures (The Gates) environmental page (html)