Commercial Watering Ban for Non-functional Turf 

Both Santa Clara County and the City of Morgan Hill have banned the watering of decorative grass by commercial, industrial, and institutional properties (CII), including homeowners’ associations. The watering of decorative CII lawns is now subject to fines in the City of Morgan Hill. 

Learn more about what is defined as functional turf and non-functional turf (PDF).

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To assist with converting lawns to drought tolerant landscaping, the City has partnered with Valley Water to provide various programs and resources (see below) to help businesses do their part to save water. 

Watch the video below to see how Woodland Estates in Morgan Hill took advantage of these financial assistance programs to convert their water thirsty lawn to a brand new landscape with low-water use plants, mulch and a new drip irrigation system - saving both water and money!

Rebates for CII Properties to Help Save Water

Landscape Rebate Program
Valley Water’s Landscape Rebate Program is available to all Santa Clara County commercial sites that make qualifying water-efficient upgrades to their landscape. Businesses, schools and multi-family units (five or more) can receive up to $100,000 for replacing high-water use landscapes, upgrading inefficient irrigation equipment, and installing equipment that captures rainwater.
Water Efficient Technology (WET) Rebate The Water Efficient Technology (WET) Rebate Program is designed to help CII properties implement equipment changes that reduce facility water usage. Your facility may qualify for rebates up to $100,000 per conservation project. Sites in Morgan Hill are eligible for an additional $4 per CCF ($8 per CCF total), up to a maximum of $10,000, for a total rebate cap of $110,000. This higher rebate amount is not available if the rebate is determined by the cost of equipment.
Commercial Landscape Surveys Large Commercial Landscape Surveys are free consultations offered to CII properties through the Large Landscape Program. The survey evaluates the current irrigation system and landscape water management, and offers recommendations for improvements. Completing a survey can pre-qualify a property for Valley Water's Landscape Rebate Program.