Submeter Permit Applications

Apply for a Submeter Permit.

Per Section 13.04.130 of the Morgan Hill Municipal Code, all water customers must be separately metered for water consumption in order to promote the conservation of water. While the vast majority of customers have City-owned and administered meters, privately-owned and administered “submeters” are preferred by some multifamily property owners. Submetering is allowed by Section 13.04.130(c) the Municipal Code under certain conditions including obtaining this permit.

The key component of this permit is that the owner of a property must charge each tenant for the water used by their unit as recorded by the submeter. Documentation of monthly water charges for multifamily are required to renew annually and single family homes with ADUs are required to renew on a five year schedule as provided by the City. Failure to renew this permit may result in the suspension of water service to the property.

You can use this Submeter Documentation Spreadsheet to help you document your monthly water charges.