Peak Avenue Residential Care Facility (Peak-Amas)

Project Number

UP2020-0009, SR2020-0026, EA2020-0018


Processing Entitlements - The project is in the process of seeking City approval for its proposed development.


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Project Information


This is a request for a Conditional Use Permit which includes the existing 14-room, 28-bed Vila Monte Senior Care facility with the request to add two new bedrooms with two beds within the existing building footprint for a total of 16 rooms, 32 beds. The use permit request includes further expansion of the Senior Care facility by constructing a new 18,700 square foot, two-story building that would consist of 54 bedrooms, 108 beds with ancillary communal space, and property improvements. 


The building is located adjacent to Peak Avenue with associated parking adjacent to East Dunne Avenue with separate access off East Dunne Avenue, 17090 Peak Avenue. Assessor's Parcel Number 767-03-017.

Planning Commission Approvals

Environmental Review and Documents 

The project qualifies for CEQA Guidelines Section 15332 (In-Fill Development Project) exemption. None of the exceptions to categorical exemptions identified by CEQA Guidelines Section 15300.2 are applicable to the proposed project.