Rosewood (Lillian Commons)-Medical Mixed Use

Project Number: GPA2023-0002/AAE2022-0008

The project proposal, Lillian Commons (also referred to as Juan Hernandez - MH Medical Properties), includes a request for a General Plan Amendment (GPA2019-0005), Zoning Amendment and Planned Development Master Plan (ZA2019-0016), and Tentative Parcel Map (SD2019-0007). Development of the site would include construction of the following: a 4,500 square-foot urgent care facility; a 10,000 square-foot medical building; a 100,000-square-foot medical office/hospital with 55 beds; a three-story parking garage with 500 spaces; a 10,000 square foot commercial retail/restaurant building; and a maximum 200-unit multi-family residential development.

An application for a General Plan Text Amendment and Zoning Amendment has been received by the City for the Rosewood/Morgan Hill Medical Campus Project. The General Plan Text Amendment is to amend the Mix Use Flex designation to exempt medical uses, including hospitals, from floor area ratio (FAR) requirements with an approved Planned Development (PD) Combining District and PD Master Plan. The Zoning Amendment is a request to increase the allowable medical/commercial square footage to a total of 275,000 square feet and allow building heights of up to 65 feet tall. This request would affect only the 9.61-acre project site that is currently designated for the Rosewood/Morgan Hill Medical Mixed-Use Campus. The development would generally include three new medical office buildings, a six-story 65-foot-tall parking structure with 965 parking spaces, additional surface parking, and installation of associated improvements and utilities. The residential portion of the Rosewood project is under construction and will not be affected by this request. 

Project Location

The project site is located on a 9.61-acre site south of the Juan Hernandez Drive and Barrett Avenue intersection in Morgan Hill, California. (APN 817-039 through 041)

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Project Plans and Specifications

City Council Approvals

Final Approved Stamped Plans

Environmental Review

The City of Morgan Hill (City) will be the Lead Agency and will prepare a Subsequent Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) for the Rosewood/Morgan Hill Medical Campus Project (project or proposed project) in the City of Morgan Hill. This Notice of Preparation (NOP) initiates the environmental scoping process in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (14 California Code of Regulations [CCR] Section 15082). The purpose of an NOP is to provide sufficient information about the proposed project and its potential environmental impacts to allow agencies and interested parties the opportunity to provide a meaningful response related to the scope and content of the SEIR, including mitigation measures and alternatives that should be considered in the SEIR (CEQA Guidelines 14 CCR Section 15082[b]).