West Little Llagas Creek Local Interpretive Wildlife Corridor

Did you know West Little Llagas Creek Trail is a locally designated Interpretive Wildlife Corridor? The trail provides a place where the community can go to view the local environment and wildlife that lives there. Over time, interpretive features such as signs and artwork depicting native wildlife will continue to be installed along the trail. 

Wildlife corridors play an important role in maintaining diversity among species native to a particular area by providing a way for animal and plant populations to connect over a larger landscape. While the West Little Llagas Creek Trail corridor is fragmented by roads, the corridor still provides a form of habitat connectivity that would otherwise be impossible in a developed area.1 

The West Little Llagas Creek Trail provides an opportunity for the community to enjoy the plants and animals that call Morgan Hill home.

Get to Know Your Local Wildlife Corridor!
Do you want to know more about native wildlife that lives in your community? Pack your binoculars and go for a stroll!

Start at the sign located along West Little Llagas Creek Trail, behind the City's Centennial Recreation Center, and see how many wildlife species you can find along the quarter mile stretch of trail between Edmundson Avenue and Edes Court. The sign indicates areas along the trail where you are more likely to see certain wildlife species.2  Check out the lists, below, for links to photos and information about the native wildlife you might see.3 


American CrowLesser GoldfinchRed Shouldered Hawk
Anna's HummingbirdMallard DuckRed Tailed Hawk
Barn Owl Northern MockingbirdSharp Shinned Hawk
Chestnut Backed ChickadeeNuttall's WoodpeckerTurkey Vulture
Great Blue HeronOak TitmouseWestern Scrub Jay
Great EgretOregon Junco (Dark-eyed Junco)  


Western Fence Lizard 


Monarch Butterfly

West Little Llagas Creek at Centennial Recreation Center
Liberty Bronze Sculpture by Evelyn Davis at the Centennial Recreation Center

West Little Llagas Creek Trail Sign by the Centennial Recreation Center

West Little Llagas Creek Sign

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2 Special thanks to the Wildlife Education & Rehabilitation Center for their help compiling information about native wildlife species that may be seen along the West Little Llagas Creek Interpretive Wildlife Corridor between Edmundson Avenue and Edes Court.
3 Information on birds retrieved from Cornell Lab of Ornithology website on November 04, 2016, from http:// www.birds.cornell.edu/Page.aspx?pid=1478