Downtown Splash!

Downtown Splash! Spray Pad

The Downtown Splash Spray Pad is located at the Community & Cultural Center and open during the summer season. Access to Downtown Splash Spray Pad is free and open to all. The water used is recirculated. 

The Downtown Splash spray pad is closed and will re-open June 2024. 

Spray Pad Rules

  1. Children under 12 must have adult supervision at all times.
  2. Proper swim attire is required (no cotton).
  3. Users who are experiencing diarrhea must not use the Spray Pad.
  4. The following activities and items are NOT permitted in the Spray Pad Area:
    • Climbing, sitting, and playing on spray pad apparatus
    • Drinking spray pad water, spitting or spouting water from the mouth
    • Running, rough play, or profanity
    • Inflatable pool toys, athletic or other recreation equipment
    • Food, candy, gum, beverages, and glass containers
    • Soap, detergents, and shampoo
    • Animals, except service animals
    • Changing diapers
    • Skateboards, skates, rollerblades, scooters, bicycles, and similar recreation equipment
  5. Spray Pad will be turned off in inclement Weather (such as extreme wind or thunder or lightning).
  6.  Use of the inside bathrooms is permitted; users must dry off and wear shoes before entering the facility.

The City of Morgan Hill reserves the right to remove parties that are not in compliance with spray pad or park rules.

Kids playing at Downtown Splash! Spray pad located at the Community and Cultural Center