Notice of Intent (NOI)


Morgan Hill’s Library Best Management Practices (BMPs)

City of Morgan Hill new Library construction site
with Best Management Practice (BMP) perimeter
sediment control: fiber rolls.

The Notice of Intent (NOI) is an application in which the owner of the construction site is committing to the requirement of the NPDES General Permit and the first step to being permitted.

To file a NOI, the following items need to be submitted to the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB):

1.    NOI application, signed by the owner or designee
2.    Vicinity Map
3.    Permit Fee

For more information, see SWRCB Construction FAQs.

Upon receipt of the NOI package, the SWRCB will process the NOIs in the order they are received. Within 10 business days of processing, a NOI Receipt Letter assigning a Waste Discharger Identification (WDID) number to the construction site will be issued. Prior to issuance of any grading permit, copy of NOI Receipt Letter shall be submitted to the Building Department and Engineering Division to verify that a NOI has been issued to the site.