CCW Phase I

General Information

All applicants are subjected to the requirements below, which are divided into two (2) Phases. Applicants shall complete the requirements listed in Phase I prior to completing those listed in Phase II.  

Phase I

Completion of a CCW License Application

  • The Morgan Hill Police Department utilizes Permitium, which is an online application processing system for new CCW licenses, renewals, duplicates, and amendments/modifications to an existing license.  

Fingerprint/Live Scan

  • ALL applicants are to be fingerprinted using the provided Live Scan form.  
    • Applicants MUST bring the completed Live Scan form and photo identification with them to their Live Scan appointment.
    • If choosing to be fingerprinted at the Morgan Hill Police Department, please schedule an appointment through
  • A background check will be conducted through the Department of Justice to assure the applicant does not have history which prohibits them by state or federal law from possessing, receiving, owning, or purchasing a firearm (see “Firearms Prohibiting Categories” (DOJ BOF 4012, pgs. 1-3).

Proof of at Least 21 Years of Age

  • Determined through the applicant’s California issued Driver’s License or California Identification Card. No other form or type of identification will be accepted.  

Proof of Residency Within the Boundaries of the Morgan Hill Police Department

  • Applicants MUST reside within the boundaries of the Morgan Hill Police Department.  To determine law enforcement boundaries, input your address in the search bar contained within the County of Santa Clara SCC Map (Santa Clara County - SCCMap).  Residences will either be within the "Morgan Hill" boundary or “Unincorporated” which is overseen by the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office.  
  • Applicants MUST provide last year’s property tax bill, grant deed, or lease/rental agreement that lists the applicant’s name and applicable address.  If unable to provide a tax bill or rental/lease agreement (i.e. the applicant is informally renting from a family member) the property owner shall write a letter indicating the applicant resides at the applicable address full time.  The letter is to be notarized AND submitted along with the property tax bill or grant deed of the residence, with the name on the notarized letter matching the property owner's name on the tax bill or grant deed.  
  • Applicants MUST provide a major utility or phone bill in their name and address. The bill is to be dated no later than 30 days from the date of submitting the CCW license application. 

Fees for New CCW License

  • The CCW Fees webpage details of costs associated with gaining a CCW license.

Reference/Character Letters; Minimum of Three (3) Years

  • Applicants are to submit a minimum of three character letters prepared/written by their references, with at least one (1) letter submitted from a cohabitant of the applicant, if applicable.
  • At least two (2) letters shall be written by individuals other than family members of the applicant.
  • Letters are to be signed, dated, and include contact information, as those submitting letters may be interviewed.
  • The letters are to address the following: 
    1. Nature of the relationship.
    2. Length of time of the relationship.
    3. The Applicant's character including integrity, nature/disposition, and temperament. 
    4. The individual submitting the letter is in favor of the applicant being approved for a CCW license and their recommendation is made without coercion or reservation.

Military Status

  • If applicable, applicants who have been discharged from U.S. Military Service MUST upload their Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (DD214).

Automated Firearms System (AFS) Record Associating the Applicant with the Firearm(s) to be Listed on a CCW License

  • An AFS record is populated when purchasing or having a firearm transferred through an Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer (i.e. the firearm is "registered" to an individual).
  • Firearms are only associated to one individual. 
  • Background checks will be completed to ensure applicants have an AFS record which associates them to the firearm(s) they are requesting to list on their CCW license.

Ability to Own and/or Possess a Firearm

  • Background checks will be conducted through Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). This check will confirm the applicant does not have history that prohibits them by state or federal law from possessing, receiving, owning, or purchasing a firearm (PC 26195). Additionally, the applicant is to be free from any convictions w/in the last 10 years for an offense listed in:
    1. PC 422.6, 422.7, 422.75: threats/violate civil rights, hate crimes.
    2. PC 29805: specific misdemeanors are identified that makes it a crime to own or possess a firearm if the person was convicted of such offenses within the last 10 years.

Good Moral Character 

  • Applicants may have publicly available information about them reviewed for the purpose of proving or disproving factors which could indicate an applicant is not qualified to be licensed to carry a firearm.  
  • There is a comprehensive list of factors that fall within this domain as noted in MHPD Policy 218.3(e) (PDF).  Some factors that indicate a lack of good moral character include: not displaying good legal judgement, including but not limited to honesty, respect for the law, respect for the rights of others, absence of hatred and racism, criminal convictions, having an active or within the past five (5) years, restraining or protective custody order.