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Volunteer Interest Form - CERT & Listos

  1. Thank you for your interest in the City of Morgan Hill's Office of Emergency Services. Please complete the following information and click submit at the bottom of this form.

    Listos is a 15-minute emergency preparedness overview in English and Spanish. The training helps you and your family be prepared for the next emergency. 

    CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) educates those of us living in Morgan Hill about preparedness for hazards, such as earthquakes, wildfires, floods, and other emergencies and disasters that may impact our community. It provides training in basic emergency response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, emergency medical operations, community response team organization, and disaster psychology. The class is typically offered on multiple occasions throughout the year and concludes with a disaster simulation and graduation on the last class day.

    Become part of the Team!

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