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Police Ride-Along Application

  1. The Ride-Along Program offered to you by the Morgan Hill Police Department is designed to provide you with some insight into the duties and responsibilities of a police officer. As a participant in this program, you are expected to strictly adhere to certain rules and regulations in order to protect both yourself and the officer. This will also serve to minimize the possibility of interference with normal Department activities.


    1. All Ride-Along Applications are subject to review and approval of the Morgan Hill Police Department.

    2. Ride-Alongs are limited to persons 18 years and older who are residents of the City, students in a criminal justice program or other program which requires a Ride-Along, members of other law enforcement agencies, and potential law enforcement employees.

    3. Persons under 18 years old may take part in a Ride-Along under the following conditions:

       a. The applicant must be at least 14 years old at the time of the Ride-Along.

       b. The applicant must be: 

               i. A student in Civics classes in MHUSD and have been screened by their instructor, or

               ii. Have a stated interest in law enforcement and or the community which has been approved by a Watch Commander.

       c. A parent or legal guardian of the juvenile must sign the application form.

       d. The ride is limited to four (4) hours between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and Midnight. 

    4. All applicants must: 

       a. Fill in the application completely and sign this waiver form.

       b. Submit the applications at least seven days prior to the scheduled ride.

       c. Wear appropriate casual business attire.

       d. Arrive at the police station at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the Ride-Along.

    5. Do not bring cameras or tape recorders unless previously authorized by the Chief of Police.

    6. Do not leave the patrol vehicle without the permission of the officer.

    7. Do not interfere with the officer's activity at any time or converse with prisoners, suspects, witnesses or other parties contacted on police business.

    8. Understand that a Ride-Along may be terminated at any time due to failure to comply with one of the above rules, or due to unusual circumstance which may occur during a shift.

    Remember, you are riding as an observer only and are under the complete control of the officer at all times.

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  3. Reason for request:*
  4. Note: Officers may not be available at times and dates requested. You will be notified by the Watch Commander as to when you are assigned to a ride along.

  5. Waiver: I hereby request permission to ride as an observer in a Morgan Hill Police Department patrol vehicle. I understand that there may be risks associated with this activity. By submitting this application, I hereby release the City of Morgan Hill, officers, employees, elected officials, and all agents thereof, from any liability which might arise as a result of this activity.

    I have read and agree to all of the above.*

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