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Bike-Friendly Business Program Application Form

  1. Bike-Friendly Business (BFB) Program Sign Up Sheet and Questionnaire
    Please fill out the form below to apply for the Bike-Friendly Business Program.
  2. BFB Email Communication Opt-In*

    By submitting this application, you are opting in to receive email communications regarding the Bike-Friendly Business program.

    Communications regarding the BFB program are intended to get you inspired and informed! Depending on the services or amenities your business provides, we will provide a list of recommendations that are helpful for any business looking to maximize their bike-friendliness.

  3. *Include all business names, if you have multiple public-facing businesses that will be participating.
  4. Business Location Information
  5. Are you a Morgan Hill resident?*
  6. Current Bike-Friendly Offerings*
    Do you currently have existing amenities or provide incentives for bicyclists at your place of business? (Select all that apply)
  7. Do you offer any discounts, giveaways or products to patrons visiting your business?
  8. Do you support building a stronger bike and pedestrian friendly infrastructure within the community? (i.e. Bike lanes, etc.)*
  9. BFB - Safety Commitment and Pledge
    As a current business and member of this community, I am committed to furthering my education on bicycling and pedestrian safety. I pledge to require and encourage my staff, family, friends and/or neighbors to wear a helmet when riding a bike, and to take all other safety precautions. Furthermore, I will practice this pledge personally, and will always wear a helmet while biking to help set an example within the community.
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  11. *Disclaimer: By filling out this form, and hitting the submit application button, you agree to share your information with the City of Morgan Hill for all Bike and Pedestrian Program communications.
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