Homeless Response & Encampments


The City of Morgan Hill has a multidisciplinary approach to keeping our community clean and safe, while at the same time providing services to the unhoused community. By building relationships and trust with a trauma-informed approach, we are more likely to be successful in this endeavor. 

Dedicated Staff

The City of Morgan Hill has a person dedicated to supporting the unhoused residents in Morgan Hill by connecting them to housing and social service resources.

Contact the City’s Unhoused Specialist, Brian Malicdem, 669-286-0585 or Brian.Malicdem@Morganhill.ca.gov. Brian conducts outreach and a needs assessment to help the unhoused residents access shelter, services, housing opportunities, and more. This may include alongside County Behavioral Health to ensure mental health services are being provided to those in our unhoused community in need. This Crisis Intervention Response allows us to coordinate Mental Health Service Needs, Housing, and Medical. If you encounter someone in crisis, please call the Mobile Crisis Response Team at 800-704-0900.

Homeless individuals seeking support may call the Here4You Hotline at 408-385-2400. It is staffed Monday-Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Messages will be returned the next business day.


Encampments in City parks or City-owned property are handled by the Public Services Department. 

The Police Department is responsible for managing people living in cars or RVs that are parked on City streets.

Code Compliance enforces encampment blight regulations on private property. This includes working with other agencies such as Caltrans, Union Pacific, and Valley Water. 

Regardless of location, you can report concerns about homeless encampments by contacting Brian.Malicdem@Morganhill.ca.gov, 669-286-0585. Brian will route the complaint to the responsible department in addition to doing the necessary outreach to the individuals in the encampment. Illegal or unsafe activity, should be reported by calling 911.