Park & BBQ Rentals

The City of Morgan Hill has a number of BBQ Areas available for rent. Below is information to help with the BBQ Area reservation process:

How to Rent

BBQ reservations are processed online only at Please visit to reserve a BBQ Area. BBQ Reservations are only be accepted Mondays - Sundays between 8 a.m. to sunset and Wednesdays 9am to sunset. Only one reservation is processed per BBQ area per day. BBQ reservations are accepted 12 months in advance but with at least a 2-day notice.

Refer to How to Reserve BBQ Area & Fields Online Guide for assistance.


To view availability, please visit the Facility Calendar. Select the desired park in the Facility box and select BBQ in the Room Type box.

Refer to How to Check Availability Online Guide for assistance.

Special Event Permits (SEP)

Events with entertainment, charging an entry fee, more than 50 guests, serving alcohol, amplified sound, or selling food WILL REQUIRE a SEP, which has a separate flat fee. Please visit Special Event Permits for additional information.

Alcohol Permit Exception

Reservations wishing to serve only alcohol at their BBQ reservation WILL NOT REQUIRE a Special Event Permit. The reservations WILL REQUIRE an Alcohol Permit. The Alcohol Permit can be purchased and obtained through the online reservation checkout process while completing the reservation.

Bounce Houses

Effective September 21, 2022, Bounce Houses are NOT allowed at City Parks, including at the Magical Bridge Outdoor Classroom.