Personal Training

Our personal training program is individualized and specifically tailored to your needs. Our certified trainers will guide you through a customized program, which will get you the results you need in the fastest way possible.

You will be instructed in all components necessary to alter body composition, the use of proper bio-mechanics, anatomy, physiology, proper nutrition, and much more.

For more information or to register, please contact the Welcome Center at 408-782-2128 or complete the Personal Training Inquiry Form.

Personal training is only available for CRC facility members. The cost is as follows:

 Individual Sessions

  • 1 Session: $80
  • 6-Session Package: $368
  • 12-Session Package: $656
  • 24-Session Package: $1,200  
 Partner Sessions

  • 1 Session: $130 ($65 per person)
  • 4-Session Package: $450 ($56.25 per person)