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Magical Bridge Classroom Reservation Form (SCCOE and SCC School Districts Only)

  1. The following Reservation form is meant only for SCCOE programs, School Districts and Charter Schools located within Santa Clara County. All other users please visit to reserve online.

  2. Event Details
  3. Please indicate event date - must fall within the next 3 months. Don't forget to check availability online at

  4. Don't forget to include setup and clean up time.

  5. Indicate total attendance and cannot exceed 40 total.

  6. Please provide full name and phone number for the onsite representative of event/activity if different from above.

  7. Available Equipment*

    Please indicate which available equipment you plan on using. Outdoor class room has 4 square picnic tables (Max: 30 students + 2 ADA complaint seats) and 3 large picnic tables (Max: 24 students + 2 ADA complaint seats).

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