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City Clerk

  1. Commission Application

    Commission Application

Environmental Services

  1. Contact Us Form: Recycling and Waste Reduction/Solid Waste Services

    Basic 'Contact Us' Form related to the County's recycling and waste reduction programs.

  2. Spectrum Cable Support Form

    Spectrum (Charter Communications) has been granted a franchise from the State to provide cable television services in Morgan Hill. If... More…

  3. Water Waste Report: March - Oct

    Spring Water Waste Report effective 3/1/23 through 10/31/23

  1. Illicit Discharge Into Stormdrain Report
  2. Water Submeter Permit Application


  1. Administrative Citation Hearing Request Form
  2. Request to Cancel Water Service

    Please complete the following information to cancel water/sewer service. Form must be submitted by 4:30 p.m. at least one business day... More…

  1. Administrative Citation Request for Advance Deposit Hardship Waiver Form

Parks and Recreation

  1. Adopt-A-Park/Creek/Trail Group Application
  2. Artwork Ideas Magical Bridge Playground Form
  3. Bike-Friendly Business Program Application Form

    This form is a requirement for the Bike and Pedestrian Program, funded by Measure B. This form shall be used on various digital... More…

  4. Diana Dog Park Trial Resident Feedback Form

    The City of Morgan Hill’s is reviewing the potential installation of a trial off leash dog park at Diana Park. The City’s Parks and... More…

  5. Magical Bridge Large Group Form

    Online form for large groups planning to attend Magical Bridge playground.

  6. Membership Cancellation Request
  7. Membership Hold Request
  8. Morgan Hill Haunt Participation Form
  9. Recreation & CRC Customer Comment Form
  10. Request for Service - City Park and Facility Maintenance
  11. Splash Membership Form

    Thank you for your interest in a Splash Swim Team membership! Our team will email you a membership application and information on... More…

  1. Adopt-A-Park/Creek/Trail Individual/Family Application
  2. Bank Draft Change Request Form
  3. Council Chamber Art Display
  4. Magical Bridge Classroom Reservation Form (SCCOE and SCC School Districts Only)

    Magical Bridge Classroom Reservation form for SCCOE programs, School Districts and Charter Schools located within Santa Clara County.

  5. Maintenance Issue Report
  6. Membership Change Request

    Add/remove members to/from existing membership, and/or request to change membership type.

  7. Membership Remove Membership from Hold Form

    Please complete and submit this form. Once received, our membership team will email you confirming your reactivation details. You may... More…

  8. New CRC Membership

    Thank you for your interest in a Centennial Recreation Center membership! A CRC membership grants access to the Centennial Recreation... More…

  9. Recreation Activity Cancellation/Transfer
  10. Safety Commitment and Pledge - Measure B VTA Bike and Pedestrian Program

    This form is a requirement for the Bike and Pedestrian Program, funded by Measure B. This form shall be used on various digital... More…


  1. Abandoned Vehicle Report
  2. Barking Dog Complaint
  3. Morgan Hill Crime Stoppers

    Crime Stoppers USA is the national Crime Stoppers organization that spans the United States to create a network of local programs that... More…

  4. Police Employee Commendation Form
  5. Request a Copy of a Police Report

    Request a copy of a police report, collision report, or police call for service.

  6. Vacation Home Check Program Application
  1. Academia de Policía Comunitaria

    Community Police Academy - Spanish

  2. Community Police Academy Application
  3. Parking Enforcement
  4. Police Ride-Along Application
  5. Traffic Concern
  6. Volunteer Interest Form - CERT & Listos

    Free Emergency Preparedness Training Interest Form. Please complete and the Office of Emergency Services will reach out to you either... More…

Public Services

  1. Maintenance Request for Potholes

    Please complete the form below to notify the City's Maintenance team of potholes. Please indicate the street address or cross streets... More…

  2. Volunteer Interest Form

    To submit your interest form for a volunteer position, please complete the form below.

  1. Personal Training Inquiry (CRC)

Public Works

  1. Application to Join Bidders' List for Notification of Informal Bids for Public Works Projects
  2. Report a Possible Sewer Spill
  3. Report Illegal Dumping

    Use this request to report an illegal dumping.

  4. Streetlight Maintenance Request
  5. Transportation Master Plan Stakeholders Group Volunteer Form

    The City is looking for volunteers to join the stakeholders group for this project. The City is looking for residents with interest... More…

  1. Public Works General Inquiry/Request for Service/Complaint Form
  2. Report a Water Leak
  3. Request for Service - Streets Division
  4. Traffic Signal Maintenance Request