What is Phone Verification?

Why is this change happening? Phone number verification is an important feature to keep the app secure and avoid sending spam messages.

What will users see in the app? Users will see this message in the app and receive a text to their phone number with a verification code. They should input the code and press "Verify". They will be unable to use the app until their phone number is verified.


What if a user created their account with the wrong phone number? If they have inputted the wrong phone number when they created their account, they can press "Change Phone #" to add a new phone number to their account.  

What if a user has a landline and can't verify the phone number? Please escalate the ticket to RideCo Support and we can manually override the phone number verification.

What if a user does not want to verify their phone number? Users without phone verification will not be able to use the MoGo app or receive text updates about their ride. They will still be able to book by calling the call center and having a dispatcher book on their behalf.

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