Why do I need to retrofit my fixtures?

The purpose of this Ordinance is to reduce long-term demand for potable water within the city water service area in order to ensure a reliable and adequate public water supply by establishing water efficiency standards for interior plumbing fixtures when changes in ownership of real property occur. These standards will become an element of the City of Morgan Hill’s water conservation and supply shortage program. The program’s purposes are to reduce water consumption within the City of Morgan Hill through conservation, enable effective water supply planning, assure reasonable and beneficial use of water, prevent waste of water, and maximize the efficient use of water within the City of Morgan Hill to avoid and minimize the effect and hardship of water shortage to the greatest extent possible.

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1. Is this a State Law requirement?
2. When does the ordinance come into effect?
3. Does the Water Conservation Ordinance apply to my household?
4. What fixtures need to be retrofitted?
5. Why do I need to retrofit my fixtures?
6. What are the standards for new high efficiency fixtures that I need to switch to?
7. Who is responsible for ensuring that the fixtures are retrofitted?
8. Who is a Qualified Plumbing Contractor?
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10. Where and when do I receive a Water Conservation Certification?
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