Why is the sewer lateral program necessary?

Wastewater (sewage) from homes and businesses in Morgan Hill flows in private pipes (laterals) to neighborhood collection pipes and is ultimately carried in a large trunk line down to the wastewater treatment facility in Gilroy. While this trunk line is designed to carry all the wastewater generated by homes and businesses, it is not large enough to carry stormwater too. Unfortunately, as the wastewater collection system has aged these private sewer laterals are subject to the cracking, root-fill, displacement, and failures that allow stormwater to rush in and overflow the City’s infrastructure during large storm events. This stormwater intrusion has resulted in sewage overflows in the trunk line that can pollute local creeks and rivers and could ultimately compromise drinking water quality. 

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1. What is a private sanitary sewer collection system?
2. Why is the sewer lateral program necessary?
3. When does the program come into effect?
4. Who is affected by this program?
5. What are the responsibilities of private property owners?
6. What if this delays the sale of the property?
7. What is the estimated cost?
8. What does the inspection consist of?
9. Who is a Qualified Plumbing Contractor?
10. Where do I start?
11. What if repairs need to be made?
12. Does a Qualified Plumbing Contractor have to perform the repairs/replacement?
13. Why do I need a Certificate of Compliance?