What type of seats can I book?

MoGo Morgan Hill Quick Ride offers Child, Youth, Regular, and ADA Accessible seating options, including:

  • Regular 
  • Regular with Bike - Passenger seat plus a bike rack space
  • Accessible - Passenger in a wheelchair or scooter
  • Youth - Ages 8-18
  • Child - Ages 0-7 (accompanied by a fare-paying parent, guardian, or responsible person age 16 or older; must bring and install an appropriate car seat or booster seat per California law)
  • Discount Fare - For riders that meet the income eligibility of the VTA Clipper SMART program. 

Vehicles are equipped to carry strollers, bicycles, and baggage. 

If bringing a bike, select “General w/Bike” when booking your ride. Bike racks, when available, have the capacity for two bikes. 

Vehicles are ADA accessible and equipped to transport wheelchairs and scooters. If you require accessible seating, you can book a seat by selecting the Accessible option. You also have the option to add an additional companion traveling with you as a Regular seat.

Please remember that all passengers in one booking need to travel at the same time and get picked up and dropped off at the same stops.

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