How is MoGo funded?

MoGo Morgan Hill Quick Ride is funded with 2016 Measure B Innovative Transit Service Models program funds under the Transit Operations Program Area goal of supporting new/innovative transit service models that will address first/last mile connections and transit services for the transit dependent, vulnerable populations, and paratransit users that is safe and accountable. 

MoGo helps expand ride-hailing technology to public transit customers, including historically underserved communities and populations, along with areas of the County where fixed-route bus or rail service is less frequent or unavailable.

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1. How do I schedule a MoGo ride?
2. Where can I board MoGo?
3. What type of seats can I book?
4. Children & Youth: What is MoGo's policy for car seats?
5. How do I cancel or change a scheduled ride?
6. What if I cancel or do not show for my ride?
7. How do I pay for my ride?
8. How do I know when a driver will pick me up?
9. Is the MoGo service ADA accessible?
10. How long will the driver wait for me?
11. How will I recognize my MoGo ride?
12. What if I don't have a smartphone?
13. What if I am traveling with a pet?
14. Can I book in another language besides English?
15. How do I qualify for a discounted fare?
16. Who will be my driver?
17. Do all MoGo drivers have a background check?
18. What other modes of transit can I connect to?
19. Is this service meant to replace bus service?
20. How is MoGo funded?
21. Will I be able to rate my trip?
22. What is Phone Verification?
23. What if I have comments, concerns, or questions about MoGo?