Bicycling for Fun + Transportation

Bicycling can be a fun, dependable, and virtually free mode of transportation. Once you discover the freedom, convenience, and fitness benefits of biking to any destination, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start riding sooner. Try using the VTA Trip Planner tool to plan your route to work, school or to run errands!

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Take a Ride Around Town! 

With continuous improvements and enhancements to urban trails and bike lanes, the City of Morgan Hill is a perfect destination for bike lovers of all experience levels.

Check out the NEW Explore More in Morgan Hill Map so you can get riding!


Explore More Map - English (PDF)
Explore More Map - Spanish (PDF)

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Funding and Sponsorships

Thank you to Specialized Bicycle Components for Sponsoring our Bike and Pedestrian Education and Encouragement Program.

This program is funded through the 2016 Measure B.Measure B 2016 VTA Logo

Local Volunteer BPAG

City of Morgan Hill’s Bicycle Pedestrian Advocacy Group is a group of volunteers that meets the Third Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m. at the City Council Chambers Building conference room.

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