Dunne - Ghuman/Mani/Puliafico

Project Number: SR2021-0007 (Preliminary Plan Review): Dunne-Ghuman/Mani/Puliafico

Preliminary Plan Review to consider a General Plan amendment proposal for an 8.34-acre site to increase the density from Residential Estate (RE) minimum one-acre lots to Residential Detached Low (RDL) up to four units to the acre.  The proposed amendment could allow up to thirteen new residential lots.  (Ghuman/Mani/Puliafico, Owner).  This item is a preliminary review for input only.  No action will be taken on this item.     


The property, identified by Assessor Parcel Number 728-02-003 is located north of East Dunne and Saddleback Drive.

Project Plans and Specifications

Planning Commission Hearing - 

The Planning Commission conducted a Public Hearing on the proposed project on April 12, 2022. No action was taken. 

Environmental Review

The Preliminary Plan Review application is not subject to CEQA, as there will be no action taken on an information-only item.  Future development applications will require further environmental review.

A preliminary plan application is intended to assist the developer in the refinement of a final project proposal to be submitted for formal processing.  Once that occurs, an initial study will be conducted and indicate if a further environmental review is required.