Kitchen Facilities


  • 750 square feet
  • Designed for efficiency and ease of use for both professional caterers and individuals
  • Full-service kitchen with commercial grade equipment and appliances
  • Perfect for warming prepared foods for over 200 guests

Due to COVID19 restrictions, reservations are temporarily suspended. 

The Hiram Morgan Hill Room and El Toro banquet rooms receive priority use to the kitchen. Kitchen can only be used to reheating food. Food must be cooked and prepared offsite. 

Kitchen has limited availability due to on going weekday and weekend reservations. 

All businesses/caterers wishing to cook onsite must receive pre-approval. Please review and complete Pre-Approved Caterer and Kitchen Rental Application (PDF). Applications must be submitted by Email.

For additional information, please contact us at 408-782-0008 or Email.

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