Tennant-Osito (Tennant Square)

SD2020-0005/SR2020-0014/EA2020-0011: Tennant-Osito (Tennant Square)

Project Overview

The project site consists of a 0.99-acre vacant infill site The City’s General Plan designates the site Residential Attached Low (six to sixteen dwelling units per acre and the site is zoned Residential Attached Low Density 3,500 (RAL 3,500).

The proposed project would include the development of 16 condominium units within two buildings with eight units each and the construction of an internal street with access to Tennant Avenue. The total residential living space would include 24,736 square feet (sf). The project would be consistent with the site’s current General Plan land use and zoning designations. Two of the 16 units would be dedicated for affordable housing. All proposed condominiums would be two stories, and would include three bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and a single car garage.  The proposed project would include 35 parking spaces in total. Of the 16 units, 12 would include a driveway sufficient to accommodate two parked cars. In addition, an 11-space surface parking lot, located at the northern end of the parcel, would provide parking spaces for the remaining four units and for visitors. The proposed project would include two Tier 1 (park benches and barbeque area) and two Tier 2 (shade trellis and two garden plots) amenities.


215 Tennant Avenue in the City of Morgan Hill, California (Assessors Parcel Number) 817-04-059.

Project Plans

Environmental Documents

This project is exempt from CEQA, consistent with CEQA Guidelines Section 15332 - In-Fill Development Projects.


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