Youth & Young Adults

Youth and Young Adult

Substance Use Treatment Services 
*Services are confidential and available to youth and young adults. 12 – 21 years old.

  • (408) 272-6518*Call Center is available:
  • Monday - Friday 9:00AM – 6:00PM 
  • (800) 488-9919 *After hours

Teen Mental Health.Org 
*Learn about mental health and find resources. 

 Teen Line 
*Community based organization that provides emotional support to youth.

 Love is Louder
*This resource is designed to share tips, tools and ideas for actions that can help us take care of our emotional health and take care of each other.

The HEARD Alliance
*website includes resources for numerous topics connected to mental wellness. 

The Mental Wellbeing Toolkit
*Explore a comprehensive set of practical tools designed to help you improve your mental health and wellbeing.

The Trevor Project
*The world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, & questioning (LGBTQ) young people. 

Bill Wilson Center Programs and Services
Safe Place - Program serves youth ages 12-17 residing in Santa Clara County. Safe Place provides children in danger with a link to immediate help.

Services for Young Adults - (18-24 years old) and their families.

You Matter
A safe space for youth to discuss and share stories about mental health and wellness, created and administered by the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Seize the Awkward
Encourages teens and young adults, particularly those ages 16-24, to create a safe space for their friends to open up about mental health challenges. 

Reach Out
This website provides information and support for teens and young adults struggling with mental health issues, including suicide. 

Community Solutions Programs

Kneaded Culinary Academy at Rebekah Children’s Services
Kneaded Culinary Academy at Rebekah’s Children’s Service prepares youth, ages 15-25, for a career in the hospitality industry.