Tennant-Osito (Tennant Square)

SD2020-0005/EA2020-0011/SR2020-0014: Tennant - Osito (Tennant Square)

The project proposal, Tennant - Osito, also referred to as Tennant Square, is a market rate residential development project. The project is comprised of 16 single-family attached, townhome-style condominiums.


The project site is approximately 0.99 acres. The site is on Tennant Avenue, approximately 450 feet between Church Street and Vineyard Boulevard. Assessor’s Parcel Number: 817-04-059.


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Administrative Approvals 

Approval Certificate No. 21-003 (PDF)

Project Plans and Specifications

Approved Plans (PDF)

Environmental Review

The project is categorically exempt per Section 15332 for infill development projects. A categorical exemption memorandum has been prepared.

Project Planner

Joey Dinh
Email: joey.dinh@morganhill.ca.gov