Tennant-Osito (Tennant Square)

SD2020-0005/EA2020-0011/SR2020-0014: Tennant - Osito (Tennant Square)

The project proposal, Tennant - Osito, also referred to as Tennant Square, is a market-rate residential development project. The project is comprised of 16 single-family attached, townhome-style condominiums.


The project site is approximately 0.99 acres. The site is on Tennant Avenue, approximately 450 feet between Church Street and Vineyard Boulevard. Assessor’s Parcel Number: 817-04-059.


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City Council 

The City Council conducted a public hearing on September 16, 2020, to consider one concession for the project pursuant to Government Code Section 65915(d)(2)(A). The City Council approved a concession allowing the project to waive the development standard that requires full height and project massing of the residential development.

Administrative Approvals 

Project Plans and Specifications

Environmental Review

The project is categorically exempt per Section 15332 for infill development projects. A categorical exemption memorandum has been prepared.

Project Planner

Joey Dinh
Email: joey.dinh@morganhill.ca.gov