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Morgan Hill's Five Most Wanted

  1. Please use this form to report information leading to the capture of individuals wanted for criminal cases. You may also use this form to notify us of criminal/narcotic activity. Your information will be reviewed promptly by a sworn officer or a professional staff member. Due to the high volume of information we receive, we are unable to reply to every submission; however, we appreciate the information that you have provided.

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  4. Privacy, Security and Delivery Policy

    The Morgan Hill Police Department makes its best effort to provide complete security and anonymity of the information being submitted through this tip submission web application. No identifying information is recorded through this online submission transaction and the process is secure and encrypted using industry standard methods. Although we utilize highly sophisticated encryption and delivery routines, due to the nature of the internet, we cannot guarantee 100% security or timely delivery or reception of the submitted information when it involves issues beyond our control. We also assume no responsibility for how or when your submitted information is acted upon by law enforcement. Your web tip may not be monitored by law enforcement after hours, holidays, or over weekends so be mindful of the urgency of the information submitted. By clicking below, "SUBMIT" button, I acknowledge and confirm that I have read, understand and agree to the above Privacy, Security, and Delivery Policy and the information I am providing is not urgent or anything needing prompt or immediate attention. I understand that I should call 911 or contact the appropriate authorities by phone if this is time sensitive information.

    For security reasons, we recommend that you Do Not print this tip submission form or save it to your computer.

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