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City Clerk

  1. Commission Application

    Commission Application

Community Services

  1. Magical Bridge Morgan Hill Playground Volunteer Application

    To submit your application for a volunteer position with the Magical Bridge Playground in Morgan Hill, please complete the form below.

  2. Maintenance Request for Potholes

    Please complete the form below to notify the City's Maintenance team of potholes. Please indicate the street address or cross streets... More…

  3. Volunteer Application

    To submit your application for a volunteer position, please complete the form below.

  1. Maintenance Issue Report Temp
  2. Personal Training Inquiry (CRC)

Development Services

  1. De Paul - TC Morgan Hill Ventures Draft EIR Comment Form

    form to submit comments on draft project EIR.

Economic Development

  1. Amgen Tour of California Information
  2. Employer Job Request

    If you are an Morgan Hill employer looking to hire people as a result of the Shelter in Place and would like to list the positions you... More…

  3. High Speed Rail Sign Up
  1. Amgen Tour of California Volunteer
  2. High Speed Rail Comments
  3. Morgan Hill Business Open During Shelter in Place

    If you are an Morgan Hill business that is open and would like to be listed please provide some basic information so we can update the... More…

Environmental Services

  1. Illicit Discharge Into Stormdrain Report
  2. Water Waste Report

    Spring Water Waste Report effective 4/1/20 through 10/31/20

  1. Spectrum Cable Support Form

    Spectrum (Charter Communications) has been granted a franchise from the State to provide cable television services in Morgan Hill. If... More…


  1. Administrative Citation Hearing Request Form
  2. Request to Cancel Water Service

    Please complete the following information to cancel water/sewer service. Form must be submitted by 4:30 p.m. at least one business day... More…

  1. Administrative Citation Request for Advance Deposit Hardship Waiver Form

Parks and Recreation

  1. Add Player

    Use this form to add a player to an Adult Sports Team

  2. Adopt-A-Park/Creek/Trail Individual/Family Application
  3. Maintenance Issue Report
  4. New CRC Membership Form

    Thank you for your interest in a CRC membership! Once our team receives your request, our team will email you a membership application... More…

  5. Request for Service - City Park and Facility Maintenance
  1. Adopt-A-Park/Creek/Trail Group Application
  2. Aquatics Center Lane Exchange
  3. Membership Reactivation Form (COVID-19)

    To reactivate your membership to the Aquatics Center as the facility re-opens for limited programming during COVID-19, please complete... More…

  4. Recreation & CRC Customer Comment Form


  1. Abandoned Vehicle/Parking Enforcement Request

    Abandoned Vehicle Parking complaint

  2. Citizens Police Academy Application
  3. Morgan Hill Crime Stoppers

    Crime Stoppers USA is the national Crime Stoppers organization that spans the United States to create a network of local programs that... More…

  4. Police Ride-Along Application
  5. Traffic Concern
  1. Barking Dog Complaint
  2. Help Police Fight Drug Trafficking
  3. Morgan Hill's Five Most Wanted
  4. Report Graffiti

    Reporting graffiti

  5. Vacation Home Check Program Application