Prime Retail Sites

Located along U.S. Highway 101, Morgan Hill offers a variety of prime retail sites that are easily accessible and highly visible.

Thoughtful planning has made Morgan Hill one of the most desirable communities in Santa Clara County. The city has optimum housing options, abundant shopping, award-winning wineries and an historic Downtown with fine-dining restaurant and charming boutiques. There are over 8 major shopping centers in Morgan Hill. Review a Tenant and Broker List. (PDF)
Downtown Retail Opportunities Map
Morgan Hill’s historic Downtown is adjacent to the Caltrain station, and it’s a priority development area for transit-oriented development. With 300 new housing units being constructed and the influx of new fine-dining restaurants, Downtown is the perfect place to invest. There are a number of key sites that are owned by the City’s Economic Development Corporation and are envisioned for redevelopment. The map below identifies existing uses, available spaces and development opportunities.”

Development Opportunities

The City of Morgan Hill has partnered with Oppsites to highlight opportunity sites within Morgan Hill for future development.

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Demographic Reports

The following reports provide detailed demographic and industry information: