Personal Training Bios


Ever since his early high school days playing football and learning how to weight lift Alex has wanted to help others achieve their fitness related goals. This led him to becoming a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and studying Exercise Science at CSU Monterey Bay. He is a dedicated and passionate student of the field and  continues to educate himself to ensure his clients are receiving the most up to date, scientifically proven methods of training. Alex has experience training and designing programs for many athletes while at CSUMB and continues to learn under the head athletic trainer and strength & conditioning coach. This experience provides him with the knowledge to not only achieve sport-specific goals but anything you wish to improve upon. He will push you in order to get the best out of you and promises you will be happy with the results.


If you’re looking for Ashley, you’ll probably find her outdoors biking, skateboarding, running or hiking. Fitness has changed her quality of life and is the reason she has made it her career. Her vision is to show others what fitness can add to their lives. Training gives her energy and makes her feel alive. She gravitates toward circuit training because it implements total body training. With this method you are able to use a full range of motion, improve balance and gain better strength, getting a total body workout!


Ben grew up with an enthusiasm for being active and playing all sports. That is how he found his passion for working with people and eventually attaining his Associate of Science degree in Athletic Training at Modesto Junior College. From there he transferred to San Diego State University where he majored in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Physical Therapy. After graduating he worked in the SDSU Fitness Clinic for the Disabled. In that setting, Ben excelled in helping people with a wide variety of physical disabilities. He helped them reach their fitness and exercise goals by designing a specific program of strength, endurance, and flexibility to develop management skills for their disability. His experiences over the last ten years working in physical therapy clinics have given him the tools to help rehabilitate injuries and align athletes with their goals that have taken them to the next level. Ben enjoys working in his yard, gardening, running, and weightlifting (to keep up with his wife and son).


On her own time, you’ll most likely find Codi in the gym working hard to achieve her own fitness goals. She is NCSF certified, loves the outdoors and nature as well as Star Wars marathons. Codi is currently studying at San Francisco State University and has a passion for health and fitness, which she wants to share with others. She loves working with individuals to help them meet their fitness goals and to push people to be the best and healthiest versions of themselves. Codi utilizes all types of training styles including HIIT, plyometrics, as well as the use of free weights and compound exercises with a focus in hypertrophy training; all of which can be easily modified to fit the needs of different fitness levels. She specializes in exercise programming, strength, and conditioning, functional fitness, weight loss, muscle gain, as well as building and increasing muscular strength. 


Hitesh is a fitness enthusiast who loves working with people in achieving fitness goals and transforming lives. He was born in India, raised in San Jose and now lives in Morgan Hill with wife and kids. He enjoys working out, reading and traveling. Hitesh is NASM certified and knowledgeable in the areas of weight loss, muscle gain, corrective exercise, post Injury rehabilitation as well as strength/circuit/functional training.


Karissa has always had a strong desire to help others reach their goals whether that’s academically or in fitness. After receiving her B.A. in Education she was able to fulfill that dream of teaching and helping students for the last six years in reaching their full potential. In the past year, though, Karissa has found her passion in power-lifting and weight training so much that she has decided to make the transition from school teacher to a personal trainer after successfully completing her certification through AFAA. When she is not training or teaching a fitness class, she is working on improving and perfecting her form and methods of lifting. She also, from an early age, has admired the beauty of nature and found joy in being active outdoors as well as challenging herself in different types of circuit training. Karissa loves to see others reach their goals and does not accept any excuse for one to not succeed. Her goal is to encourage, support and train others on their road to a healthier, stronger lifestyle. She is well-equipped in many areas of fitness with a focus on strength training, free weights, plyometrics, core, and flexibility.


Kristie is originally from the Bay Area. Having been a highly active individual throughout her life, Kristie truly realized the importance of fitness training after having her 2nd daughter, which left her starting from “square one.” Kristie is now a certified personal trainer and has had the opportunity to lead both individuals, as well as groups in their health and fitness endeavors. Some examples of training methods she utilizes include suspension training, HIIT, Tabata, and a wide variety of strength, mobility, and cardio exercises. In her free time, Kristie enjoys all forms of exercise from running and climbing to hiking and playing, she’s always up for exercise!


Melissa Loves working with individuals to help them meet their fitness goals. She focuses on circuit training to include increased strength and cardio conditioning/endurance. She enjoys training individuals beginning their fitness journey to those who are conditioned looking to increase their skills. Melissa looks forward to assisting those who are committed to their journey. 


Mike enjoys helping people exercise more effectively, more efficiently and safely. He specializes in helping seniors and those with disabilities or mobility issues. Mike began his second career as a NASM personal trainer since 2007. His first career was a cost accountant, with over thirty years in the electronics industry. He has a B.S. in Business from San Jose State University.


Tim has five years of Coaching and Training experience with an emphasis on Basketball Skill Acquisition, Strength and Conditioning, Vertical Jump Performance and Game Enhancement Techniques that help you apply the game immediately. He is currently coaching the Christopher High School Boy's Basketball Team and the Gavilan College Men’s Basketball Team. He also coaches Golden State Warriors Youth Camps and at Team USA youth development clinics. He works with male and female athletes from elementary school to college/professional levels.