Public Transit, Walking, and Biking

As a World Health Organization and Age-friendly City, there is increasing interest from our Community to expand mobility options for residents, workers, and visitors in developing a sustainable transit system that focuses on convenient accessibility to key destinations within Morgan Hill, and provides connections to transit services for regional destinations.

VTA Next Network Changes
The Board of Directors recently reviewed and approved a plan that will modify two of our bus routes as follows:
  • Route 16 Morgan Hill Civic Center - Burnett Avenue Renumber to Route 87; service retained on an interim basis until a more effective flexible transit service can be implemented. 
  • Route 68 Monterey - South County Decrease midday frequency south of Santa Teresa Light Rail Station; increase midday frequency north of Santa Teresa light rail station.

VTA’s Core Connectivity Project explores location specific compatible mobility solutions for cities that will have reduced bus services. Solutions may include contributing to city shuttle programs and subsidizing rides through taxi and on-demand services (i.e. Uber, Lift, etc.). Recommendations of the Core Connectivity Study will be considered by VTA’s Board of Directors this Summer 2017. 

Help Morgan Hill identify what type of transit services you want in our community!

Find a Way to Drive Less & Live More

Reducing your alone driving time improves your health and air quality, saves you money, and reduces your carbon emissions. Try the following:
  • Bicycle to get around town and burn calories
  • Take the bus or train - Try the new Express 168 bus to San Jose!
  • Carpool
  • Consolidate multiple activities into one driving trip
  • Walk (or even run if you like)
  • Have a car-free weekend
  • Substitute one or more days a week with alternative transportation


Visit to learn more about all of the options available to get you out of your car and out of traffic! You can plan your commute and also receive rewards and incentives by not driving alone in your care. Find out more about rideshare rewards.

Did You Know?

  • For every gallon of gasoline used, 18.988 pounds of carbon is emitted into the atmosphere.
  • In 2005, 64% of all carbon dioxide emitted in Morgan Hill came from the driving habits of residents and businesses.


For comments or questions please contact the Environmental Services Division at 408-310-4169.