Public Notices

Administrative Permits

Approved Administrative Permits

  • VAR2020-0001: Rainbow Crow - Yao Public Notice (PDF)
    This is a request for a Minor Exception to allow a fence in excess of the 3-foot fence height limitations in the front yard.
  • UP2020-0001: Cochrane-Petco - Public Notice (PDF)
    The request is for an Administrative Use Permit for the interior remodel of the current Petco store to add a new veterinary services clinic to include pet exams, vaccinations, x-ray and minor same-day surgery with no overnight pet lodging.
  • SR2019-0023: Cochrane-Swing - Public Notice (PDF)
    This is a request for an Administrative Design Review permit for the development of a 45,000 square foot, two-story commercial office building, construction yard and 8,000 square foot barn. Total building square footage would be approximately 53,000 square feet. The project includes the reconfiguration of the Cochrane Road and Monterey Road intersection to eliminate the high-speed right turn and create a conventional intersection by vacating the 14,619-sf of excess right-of-way on Cochrane Road.
  • SR2019-0032: Monterey - Voices Public Notice (PDF)
    This is a request for a Design Permit for a K-8 public charter school campus that will include a two-story building with 18 classrooms, related administrative areas and lunch shelter. 
  • UP2020-0006: Monterey - Paige Day Photography - Public Notice (PDF)
    This is a request for an Administrative Use Permit for a professional photography studio and office. The studio will offer photo shoots, design consultations, styling services, a studio closet of fashions and accessories that clients can borrow for photo shoots, gallery reveals, and ordering consultations. The property is located at 17415 Monterey Road, Suite A on the north west corner of Monterey and West 2nd Street.
  • SR2019-0022/EA2019-0022: Christeph-Perez - Public Notice (PDF)
    This is a request to construct one new 3,972 square foot single-family detached home on an existing 1.58-acre lot. The property, identified by Assessor Parcel Number 764-32-064 is located at 18200 Christeph Drive.
  • AAE2020-0007: Railroad – Level 10 Construction - Public Notice (PDF)
    This is a request to amend the Design Review approval granted to SR2019-0033: Railroad - Level 10 Construction. The Design Review Permit application is a request to allow for the construction of a one-story warehouse and a two-story office building, with exterior covered storage area and associated improvements. For more Information, please follow the link to the Railroad - Level 10 Construction Project Page(html).
  • SR2019-0020 – Cochrane- Holiday Inn Express - Public Notice (PDF)
    This is a request for an Architectural and Site Review approval of a Holiday Inn Express hotel. The property, identified by Assessor Parcel Number 726-58-006, is located on the southwest corner of Cochrane Road and Sutter Boulevard.
  • AAE2020-0005: Jarvis/Technology-Digital Storm - Public Notice (PDF)
    This request is a modification to the Design Permit approval granted to SR2019-0002: Technology-Digital Storm. The Design Permit approval granted in May 2019, approved a 40,768 sq. ft. building on a 2.65-acre site located between the west side of Jarvis Drive and east side of Technology Drive, approximately 300 ft. north of Serene Drive. The proposed modifications include a 2969 square foot increase to the building size, decrease in the number of on-site parking stalls, a 7-foot 9-inch increase to the building height, change and increase in siding finish patterns, add awnings, and change in color palette.
  • UP2020-0011: E. Third Street - Costa - Public Notice (PDF)
    This is a request for an Administrative Use Permit for a dental office located at 90 E. Third Street, Suite 80 Morgan Hill, CA 95037. 
  • VAR2021-0001: Deana - Duong (Haro) - Public Notice (PDF)
    This is a request for a Minor Exception to reduce the required 20-foot side yard setback line to 15 feet to allow an 83 square foot addition on the south west side of the existing house.

Public Hearings

  • ZA2020-0003: Industrial Ordinance - Public Notice (PDF)
    This is to consider a Zoning Text Amendment amending Title 18 (Zoning) of the Municipal Code of the City of Morgan Hill to refine Land Use classifications and permitting authority for certain industrial uses. For more information, please visit the Zoning Amendment project page (html)